Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppy Begging for a Belly Rub!!

Our little batch of Italian Greyhound puppies from Joybells and Gracey are getting cuter every day!  Our little Iggy, Jacob now rolls over on his back and begs for belly rubs when he sees me!  It is just the cutest thing to watch!  Jacob is quite a puppy!  This little guy is the biggest baby when it comes time for medicine!  All the other Italian Greyhound puppies tolerate it quite gracefully.  But  not Jacob, he starts crying as soon as he knows it is his turn!  And then he crys after the medicine too!  Maybe it is a plot for extra attention from me!  He getss a big hug and extra cuddles to make up for the nasty stuff.   How can you resist an Italian Greyhound puppy like that?

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