Kansas Beagles Puppies Tackle Each Other in Play!

Our little Beagle puppies are getting into the Full Swing of Playtime!  They have discovered the fun of jumping on top of each other!  I saw little Dexter tackling Trey!  It is so cute to watch!  They hold each other down and while and then the one down, just jumps up.  The only thing that distracts them from playtime, is me walking in to give them their daily dose of hugs and luvvins.  All play ceases and they all start climbing and diving to see who can get the very 1st pettins.  Little Hope is pretty good at edging her way in and insisting that she is the only puppy who needs attention!  Such sweet beagle faces!  Those little floppy ears are just irrestible!  One or two puppies have discovered that licking me will get attention too!  Smart little beagle babies!  They know just how to grab your heart.

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