Kansas Beagle Puppies Start the Weaning Process!

Our little beagle puppies from Emmy and Viola have spent 5 hours away from mama today! They are learning to eat food and drink water on thier own.  None of them are too happy about the process!  But, Growing Pains show progress and maturity!  They all survived very well without mama!  I am very proud of them!  Needless to say, they were all overjoyed to see mama again at lunchtime!  Mama Viola seemed quite pleased to see her puppies again.  She gave them all milk immediately!  Mama Emmy wished she had a longer break from her puppies!  She simply went outdoors and did her own thing!  When she was sure she was mentally refreshed, she returned to give them a little milk snack!  I think she is definitely ready for her puppies to be promoted to the weaning area on a permanent basis!  Motherhood is getting rather tiresome with these 7 tots.  And they can be very  rowdy and disturb all sense of peace and quiet.  Miss Emmy will be celebrating when her tots get promoted!   Lemonade our Beagle Daddy is hosting a BIG party when his Miss Emmy comes home to play with him!  He has been missing out on all the doting of 3 Grown Women Beagles around him!  Currently Lemonade has ONLY 1 Girl Beagle to play with:  That is Jolly.  His philosophy is ” The more women, the better!”

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