Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppy Goes HOME!!

Our 1st Italian Greyhound puppy from Gracey has left us today!  That was dear little Oliver baby!  The rest of the little Iggy puppies are already missing his lively face.   He was the ring leader in fun!  The 1st one to learn all the new tricks!  Oliver’s new daddy was overjoyed to see him!  And he will have 4 doting aunts and uncles!  I am very happy to see little Oliver going to such a nice home.

The rest of our Iggy puppies were introduced to their doggie sitter!  She will be caring for them while I am on vacation!  She is well aquainted with Italian Greyhound energy and orneryness.  I am quite confident they will be showing off their latest tricks for the doggie sitter during playtime!  Everyone knows what Children do when the Substitute comes to School!  Lets hope these Iggys Puppies can keep a lid on their behavior!  I am hoping for a GOOD report when I come home!

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