Kansas Beagle Puppy Leaves for New Home!

Cindy Loo, is our 1st beagle puppy to leave for her NEW home today!  This little beagle was picked up by a couple from the Kansas City area!  I imagine the other beagle puppies will be leaving soon.  I am sure that Cindy Loos playmates are already missing her happy self!  But, I know our Cindy is going to a  very happy home and she will be welcomed by a NEW adopted doggie sibling!  It always helps little beagle babies to have dogs at thier new home who are older.  Older dogs are very beneficial in teaching the younger set the HOUSE rules:  Such as NO pottying on the carpet!  Or how to operate the doggie door to go outside to play!

Our family enjoyed a wonderful vacation in Finger Lakes Missouri!  Camping, cooking out and riding around in a paddle boat!  My little 3 year old son has already declared he wants MORE VACATION!  I am sure my doggie family would not approve of such a plan!  I think they genuinely missed seeing me!  Although they had a very fine dog sitter who cared for their slightest needs!  I am amazed how much our little beagle puppies grow in just 1 week!

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