Kansas Italian Greyhound puppies COMING!!

Our little Italian Greyhounds are PLENTY busy this week!  2 of our girls:  Lucy and Faith have come into heat!  Lucy has been bedding down with Lion of Judah!  Faith has been sleeping with Tiggertails!  I am pleased to report that Lucy and Lion have moved past the dating stage!  They have been busy making babies!  Hopefully, lots of Iggy puppies!  I expect a variety of colors:  REDS< SEALS and BLues from this little happy couple!!  Lucy and Lions are one hot little pair!  I generally have to set a limit on the number of breedings.   They would play in bed forever it seems!  Totally shameless those 2!!

Faith and Tigger, The other Italian Greyhound couple,  are still doing the flowers and greeting card type of thing!  You know the Sweet beginning stage of dating!  I am thinking it may take another 9 or 10 days for those 2 to announce their engagement!  They are rather  slow in the Romance Department!

It is Truly Good to be back from my vacation:  Our family had a fabulous time in Finger Lakes Missouri!  Camping and cooking out and riding around in a paddle boat on a private lake!  Our little 3 year old son has already declared, “He want more VACATION!”.  But it is good to be back home seeing my doggie family and petting on the little puppies!




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