Romance is in the air for Kansas Italian Greyhounds!

The summerwinds of Romance and Dating have blown through our Iggy friends!  We have 4 girls in SEASON this Week!  Peace, Hoppy Hope, Lucy and Faith!  Our 2 little Italian Greyhound boys are plenty busy romancing our Friendly Girls!  Lion of Judah has been dating Lucy and Hoppy HOpe!  Tiggertails has been dating Peace and Faith!  Our Iggy  boys are far from bored!  They get 1 girl in the morning and another girl at night!  Every girl takes her turn!  So far, Lucy, is the hottest girl!  She just can’t seem to get enough of the LUVVING thing!  Totally shameless!  Faith has been giving Tiggertails the Look!  But, so far, they have discreetly done the bed romping thing outside, in privacy!  Faith is one private girl!  Never let mama know what she is doing on a date!    So I am hoping for 4 litters of Iggy puppies!  I would imagine, we shall have Italian Greyhound puppies ready for new homes in Early January!


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