Kansas Italian Greyhounds Enjoy Lap Sitting!

Our 2 Italian Greyhound puppies had a photo shoot today!  I think they both thoroughly enjoyed the Extra Attention!  I don’t think either one of them was ready to go back to playtime with the beagle puppies!  I made their photo time really special.  They got to sit on my lap and enjoy some special cuddling and petting time.  I can definitely tell, they will be fine Lap Warmers this Winter!  Both Jason and Jacob would be perfectly content to sit on my lap for hours I am sure.  No small wonder that some of these Iggys will sit on my 3 year old sons lap, all the way to the vets office when we get check ups.  I am always amazed at how quietly they sit with him in his car seat!  Italian Greyhound Puppies are Lovers for sure!

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