Kansas Beagles Listen to Sounds of Construction!

Our Beagles had plenty to talk about today!  1st, my husband and I rearranged the whole back side of the kennel building.  The beagle puppies were given a different area to play in.  They were almost nose to nose with the adult Italian Greyhounds.  Nobody seemed to mind, but curiousity abounded!  Then our beagles were introduced to our noisy construction crew that drilled a hole in the concrete floor of their building!  They aren’t used to so much noise!  But everyone coped really well!  All the bealgles  continued to eat and enjoy playtime as usual.  Our crew is working on a solution to our leaking problem during intense rainy times.  They have properly installed and created a special drain for this porpose!  I am excited, but will be intensely glad when the project is over.  I want to see all my puppy equipment moved back to the proper place.  And I want to see my puppies and dogs in thier correct places in the kennel building!  I hate construction, but I LOVE the results!  It just takes some creativity to work around 15 members of your doggie family!  Great job, little Beagles on being flexible with your home!!

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