Kansas Italian Greyhounds Endure Construction on their Home!!

Our little Italian Greyhound Puppies were looking at me cross-eyed this morning!  We moved half of your dog equipment out of thier kennel building!   Then we rearranged the area for puppies to play in.  We put them several inches from the adult Iggy area!  They didn’t know what to think of the new furniture arrangement!  Next, they were introduced to our noisy construction crew who had to drill a hole in the concrete floor of the building.  Our crew is working on fixing the back wall of our building.  We have had some rain leakage and they came up with a wonderful plan to make a trench and ad some pipes to keep it from leaking rain all over our dog and puppy area!  But, it required  a lot of rearranging to give them room to work.  The Iggy puppies seemed to cope quite well.  They continued to eat and play quite happily!  Our adult Italian Greyhounds spent several of their hours enjoying outside enjoying the warm tempertures today.  I will be glad when the process is over and everyone can return to their proper places in our Kennel building1

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