Kansas Beagle Having Puppies!!!

Our little Beagle, Jolly, is having puppies!  I kept wondering how much longer that FAT little belly could go, before Explosion Time!!  Today, Our puppies are arriving!!  Little Jolly seemed really sleepy today when I left her midmorning.  I wondered if today wouldn’t be the day!  When I checked on her a little while ago, All the dogggie came to tell me Hello outside.  But,  Jolly did not come outside.  I thought she might have a Good reason!  Sure enough, I heard new babies crying softly when I walked inside.  Our little beagle is plenty busy right now.  She has 5 puppies and more to go!  Who knows how many more will come from that big belly of hers?  Currrently we have 3 Tricolor and 2 Reds.  3 Boys and 2 Girls.   I am anxious to go check on her again and see how many more This little Beagle girl has popped!!  Tomorrow, I will have my camara ready and we will see how PRETTY these Beagle puppies are!

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