Kansas Italian Greyhounds Receive a Nail Trim!

Our little Italian Greyhounds got their toe nails clipped today!  None of them are really happy with the process!  I am proud to say that nobody Ran and Hid from mama.  For this, I am grateful!  Our beagles on the other hand, were quite a handful!  All of them ran outside and refused to come in when it was time for their heartworm medicine.   Only Lemonade, was brave enough to wait inside for his turn!

My little Italian Greyhounds, Lucy and Peace,   are starting to show their pregnancy!  No more hiding from mama about staying out late!  Mama knows what these little Iggys like to do!  Faith and Hope are still hiding in their fancy clothes!  I am betting they won’t be able to conceal their activities much longer!   I keep telling these girls, “The Truth will Always find you out!’

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