Pictures of Kansas Beagle PUPPIES!!

Here is Jolly’s precious litter of puppies!  All the babies are eating REALLY well and doing Great!  Mama is so skinny!  But, I am trying to put meat on her bones!  We are feeding her a very high quality of puppy feed.  She seems to be eating huge quanities, which is wonderful!  She will need to eat and drink huge amounts to keep up with these babies.  It never ceases to amaze me how eventually the puppies gain tremendous amounts of weight.  And mama Jolly is still able to support this large litter.  Last litter, Jolly produced 7 puppies.  She fed them all well, as I tried to wean them as quickly as possible to help her.  I also gave her breaks from her puppies which seemed to help a lot.  I just totally separated her from the puppies for small increments of time.  She desperately needed break time, I thought!

Here are the cuties!!    The 2 tiniest pups are:  Timmy and Standley.  They are both doing REALLy well too!

Candy Girl!

Timmy Boy!

Sir William

Rudolph boy!

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