Kansas Beagle Puppies Get Dew Claws Removed!

Our little beagle babies from Jolly went thru the process of dew claw removal today!  It is not much fun for the beagle puppies or myself.  They all cry for about 2 minutes during the process.  Then after I finish, they are rewarded with a milk snack from mama, Jolly.  In fact, Jolly carefully inspects my work.  And then she patiently licks each puppy to comfort it.  By the time, she licks each one and gives them milk,  they are happy puppies again!!  I make a point of talking to Jolly’s puppies and picking them up each day.  That way, they can learn to associate humans with the pleasure of love and attention!   Then when they open their eyes and hear my voice, they will understand who has been handling them each day.    It really gets fun when I start feeding them puppy chow.  Then they look forward to the food I bring them.  It is all part of the socialization process for beagle  puppies!

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