Kansas Beagle Puppies are Beginning to Open Eyes!

Our little bunch of beagle puppies from Jolly are getting fatter every day!  Prince William is weighing 1lb and 5 ounces.  Our Timmy boy is still the smallest at 13 ounces!  They are scooting around their whelping box quite well now!  Definitely know how to find the warm and cooler spots!  Guess what?  Their little eyes are beginning to show slits for opening!  I noticed it more in the pictures that I took of these little Beagle babies!  I suspect all of them will have their eyes Wide Open in another 3 days.  It starts by little slits and then every day they start to open a little wider.

Lemonade, the daddy beagle,  is enjoying a new roommate today!  I introduced him to little Brite Lite, one of my Italian Greyhound Girls!  She is really mad because 2 of our Iggy girls came into heat yesterday!  And she does not like to be around Grouchy Girls!  So I am letting her room with Lemonade until those PMS Iggy girls get over their selves!  Lemonade, our beagle boy,   is proudly getting to know his new playmate.

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