Kansas Italian Greyhound Climbs out of Bedroom!

Joybells, our Italian Greyhound, is quite proud of herself!  She has ALL the other Iggy girls jealoss of her!  She has discovered how to open her door to her sleeping quarters.  Then she proudly romps thru the entire kennel hallway ALL night long!  She stops to peer inside each doggie bedroom and brag to all her friends.  Brite Lite, our other Italian Greyhound, is extremely angry with her preformance!  When I arrived this morning to check  my doggie family,  Brite Lite was very upset!  With much growling, she told me,  she did not appreciate little Joybells bratty behavior.  I tried to assure Brite Lite, that we would lock up Joybells door extra tight tonight!  In fact, we put 2 EXTRA locks on her door to keep her home tonight!   Hopefully we have put an end to Joybells dancing routine!  Now maybe all the Iggys can get some extra sleep tonight!

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