More Kansas Beagles in Season!!

2 of our beagles girls:  Sheryl and Viola are officially looking for their “Prince in Shining Armor”.  Sheryl has been eyeing Lil Scoutie, our newest beagle boy in our kennel!   Sheryl insisted on being Lil Scouties 1st girl friend!  You know how fast the new kid in town is chosen!!  Apparently Lil Scoutie, is quite enamored with Sheryl, our beagle girl.  He cried several tears this morning when I took her out of his bedroom just to give her some attention.  I think he thought his little girlfriend was leaving.  You should have seen his look of RELIEF when I returned her to his cute little bedroom.  Scoutie started jumping up and down and waggin his tail somithing fierce!   Beagles are never very good at hiding thier True Feelings!   So get READY, we will be expecting 2 more litters of beagle babies in about 10 weeks!

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