Kansas Beagles Discovering Playtime!

Our little beagle puppies from Jolly are discovering each other!  So far, Rudolph is the most playfull puppy.  I have seen Rudolph chewing on someone’s ear a couple of times.  Candy seems to enjoy the attention from Rudolph!  All the puppies are walking 3 steps now before they topple over!  Tiny Tim is the smallest by far.  And believe it or not, He is the Fattest puppy!  Nearly as round as he is long.  Every time,  I see Timmy, he is sucking on mama getting his milk supply.  He definitely has to push his way around.  He is just 1/2 the size as Sir William!  Tiny Timmy is weighing in at 1 lb and 14 ounces today!  Ole William took the cake at 3 lbs and 4 ounces!  He is one big boy!

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