Kansas Italian Greyhound Getting Bigger!!

Our little Lucy girl is so round with puppies!  I am surprised she can hardly walk!  When she stands still, I can see the puppies moving around inside her!  This little Italian Greyhound is looking near Explosion Time!  I just cannot see this Iggy Girl being Pregnant much longer.  I keep thinking when I wake up each morning that I will have surprises waiting for me.  So far, Our Lucy has kept those darling babies tucked inside her.  Her date is still 6 days away, but judging from her size, I think she will go early.  I am expecting one huge litter from this little Italian Greyhound Girl!  Wouldn’t surprise me at all, if we saw 7 babies roll out of that HUGE tummy of hers!  Hoppy Hope is beginning to have a swinging belly.  I can hardly wait for Iggy babies to arrive!!

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