Kansas Beagle Puppies begin Kindergarten!~

Our little beagle puppies from Jolly Girl have officially started Kindergarten today!  We are giving them their 1st instructions for leaving babyhood.  We removed their comfortable carpet in their bedroom.  Then I divided their room into 2 areas.  We have a new potty area with shredded papers and a sleeping area with new carpet.  None of them were impressed with this new arrangement.  Mama Beagle was particularly disgusted with my idea.  She promptly showed her disapproval by trying to arrange the paper shreds in her bedroom.  The Final Act is she put paper shreds all inside her feeding area.  She completely covered her food with paper scraps.  I told her “I definitely get the point!”  Potty training is not on her list of priorities!  After a few hours, Mama Jolly and her little babies settled in and I think they have resigned themselves to the new LOOK of their bedroom!

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