Kansas Italian Greyhound Having PUppies!!

Surprise, surprise!!  Lucy, our Italian Greyhound, is having puppies tonight!  I am thrilled to no end!  So far we have 4 puppies!  And more to go by the look on Lucy’s face!  When I went to check on her a little while ago, she was happily nursing 3!  She seemed to be labor, but no more puppies were coming out.  I examined her and found 1 lonely little puppy tail hanging out of her private area.  I gave her a shot of that majical “Oxytoxin”!    Bingo!!  Out popped another puppy within 15 minutes.   This one was a breach puppy and no wonder Lucy was struggling to get that baby out!  My guess is this puppy was holding up the process for all the other puppies inside.  We shall check on her again in a few minutes!  Watch for the post tomorrow and I will tell you the colors and sexes of these new babies!  Nothing beats watching new little Italian Greyhounds being born.

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