Kansas Beagle PUPS Sniffing Dog Food!!

Our little beagle pups from Jolly girl are exploring New smells and sights!  I caught little one little puppy really checking out mama’s dog food.  She was looking in the food container and sniffing with her little nose.  Jolly is not going to be a Happy Mama when these little toddlers start sampling her food!  She does NOT like to share this precious commodity with her little ones!  The interest will only increase, I have tried to warn her!  Eventually these little tots will be given a bowl of dog food dipped in water.  Then I will place them in the weaning area, once a day to allow them time to sample some.  All Pupppies eventually learn to LOVE the taste of puppy food!    Then it is downhill from there,  Jolly will not be able to keep them out of their food.  They will steal every time they get a chance.  Especially when I encourage the process by offering them a plateful of their own!

I also placed a source of drinking water inside their whelping area today!  That way they can watch mama drink water.  Eventually they work up the courage to sample some water theirselves.  Independance is ON the WAY for these growing beagle puppies!


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