More Kansas Italian Greyhounds Born today!

Surprise! Surprise!  My little Faith delivered 5 little Italian Greyhound puppies this morning!  I went to check on her at 2 am and she had 5 little Iggies laying in her whelping box.  She has 4 girls and 1 little boy!  Very pretty Reds with White markings!  Faith is pretty possesive with her little Iggy babies.  She keeps them ALL in one huddle around her.  If ONE of them ventures too far away, she quickly rounds it back up.  She is one protective little mama.  She does allow me to hold and check her babies.  But she watches me very carefully to make sure that I am treating her babies right!  This is Faith’s 1st real litter of Iggys.  I am really proud of her.  TiggerTails is a very happy papa!  Although he can hear his new babies thru the wall making noises, he is not allowed to see them till a later date!  Pictures will be taken on Thursday and posted on my blog.

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