Surprise! More Kansas Italian Greyhound PUPPIES!!

I received a very pleasent surprise this morning!  Imagine my shock when I woke up and checked on all my doggie family!  I  smelled New Birth as soon as I walked in the kennel doors.  I quickly went down the aisles checking the dogs and particularly the pregnant ones.  I was completely shocked to find my Peace up wagging her tail with 4 new puppies!  I thought she was due around Nov 15.  I just cannot beleive it!  I knew she had ripped quite a bit of her whelping box carpet, but I just assumed she was being ornery as usual.  I had no idea she was preparing for the birth of new Iggy puppies!  She came thru the experience with flying colors!  This little Italian Greyhound didn’t even seem tired!  She was full of energy and chomping on dog food when I saw her this morning.  Her happy babies are doing well also!  Fat and Fluffy little Iggys!  3 boys and 1 girl!    Pictures will be coming soon!  All of them are Red with white markings.  And 1 could be Red Fawn and looks a whole lot like her!    So get ready for some more Italian Greyhound Puppy pictures!

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