Kansas Beagle Puppies sample Dog Food!!

Our beagle puppies from Jolly girl are growing up!!  They are now being introduced to wet puppy food!  We place a small frisbee with puppy food in it.  Then we pour a little water on top to make it moist!  Then we get the little beagles and place them all around their dinner table of food!  Little Timmy was one of the 1st puppies to sample it.  He is a round little roly-poly, in spite of his very small 3 lb body!  Little Timmy does Not believe in passing up food!  A couple of more puppies were also willing to drop their heads and take a sample of this new stuff!  All the puppies have been watching mama drink water and they are beginning to copy her habits and drink water also!  I am  proud of these puppies!  Won’t be long and they will be All ready to Go to thier new homes!  Today was the 2nd day that they spent 20 minutes away from their dear mama.  We place them in the weaning area to sample their puppy food.  That  way they can begin to get used to being without mama.  We will do this every day for many more days!  The next step after that is spending 1/2 day without mama.  We do a really slow weaning process here.  That way the puppies have plenty of time to adapt without mama beagle around.

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