Kansas Italian Greyhounds keeping Warm During Snow Fall!

Our little Italian Greyhounds were not impressed with our 1st Kansas snowfall this winter!  Not a single one of them wanted to go outdoors to play!  All of our Iggys decided to stay inside their warm 72 degree kennel building.  And yes, I found several of them cuddled up on their special Heat Mats!  We give all our Iggys heat mats to sleep on in the winter monthes.  They absolutely love them!  The hotter, the better!  These little mats get to about 95degrees and our Italian Greyhounds love to sleep on them.

Our little Italian Greyhound puppies are beginning to roll around in their box more!  Won’t be long and we will see Lucy’s litter practicing their 1st steps!  At this stage, they just crawl and roll everywhere they need to go!~


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