Kansas Beagle puppies Eating Breakfast Without Mama!

Our little bunch of beagle pups from Jolly have passed a new milestone in growing up!  Every morning they are eating breakfast without mama in the new weaning area of the kennel.  They gather around their special frisbee of puppy chow with water.  Tiny Tim is one of the 1st to get to dip his head in each morning.  That little beagle boy amazes me!  Nothing slides by that Tiny fellow!  He has learned to push HIS way around with the biggest and get this fair share!   Sir William and Candy are really getting into playtime now!  Often I peep in at those 2, watching them jump and tackle each other!  Little Rudolph is always the 1st to get petted. He insists on never letting me pass his room without a love session.  Jolly, our mama beagle, is beginning to spend more time sleeping outside the whelping box.  I am sure she is trying to give them the hint to start eating more on their own.  All of them drink freely from her water area!  Won’t be long and this little bunch will be spending their 1st half day without mama.

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