Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies are Growing!

Our little Italian Greyhound puppies are growing up on me!!  Lucy’s little Iggys are now walking 2  steps in their whelping box.  They are a little unsteady on their feet, but they get right back up when they fall down.  They are now trying to walk to mama instead of just rolling everywhere and scooting.

Our little Italian Greyhounds from Faith have competely opened their eyes!  They are still getting used to the bright lights and seeing me in person.  They often wonder how such a nice sweet voice could come from somebody as funny looking as me!  I would imagine they have been discussing with their mama Iggy, Faith, why I don’t have fur and a tail like they do.   Faith is just one laid back mama, she just smiles and takes it in stride!  She is just a happy girl with her sweet bunch of babies.

Peace, our other mama Iggy, has been really patient with me!  She kindly lets me know that SHE is just as important as her babies.   She eats it up when I stop to pet and talk to her.  Her little baby, Linus, has opened his eyes this morning!  I was so shocked!  It won’t be long and the rest of her bunch will be staring at the lights!

Our Italian Greyhound, Hope, is one jumping, excited girl!  She keeps up with all the gossip in the kennel!  She eagerly starts bouncing everywhere as soon as I put all the beagle pups in the weaning area to eat breakfast!  She has told me on several occasions that she does not approve of puppies leaving mamas for 20 minutes each morning.  In fact, Hope, is so animated,  I have to give her an exercise session with Tiggertails each morning to calm her down.  Tiggertails, just stares at her in the typical male fashion and just shakes his head!    And so when Hope is out with Tiggertails, her babies sleep rather soundly in their beds.   They often get a very rude awakening when she comes bouncing back from her morning walk.  Hopes little babies are just used to having a bouncey mama!!




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