Kansas Beagle Puppies Spend 1/2 Day Without Mama!!

I am so proud of our little beagle babies!  They are indeed growing up!  Today they spent 1/2 day in the weaning area without Mama Jolly.  These little Porkers love to eat!  Several of them sampled the dry dog food today.  They licked the platter clean on the wet puppy chow.  Mama Jolly is not quite  sure about spending the mornings apart from her babies.  When my hubby Roy arrived  to take them home, she was whining.  Bless that sweet beagle heart.!  It is hard watching your babies grow up.  All t he babies returned joyfully back to their special room with mama.  My goodness what a greeting they give this dear old mama!  Not much of a hello, just quickly jumping to her milkers and guzzling as fast as they can drink.    When I went out to check on the beagle family this evening,  Jolly was laying down outside her whelping box.  She loves her babies, but she is definitely ready for them to give her some peace!  I am Very Familiar with that feeling myself!  I love my little boy, Zane.  But my,  that 3 year old can sure wear THIS human mama out!!

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