Kansas Beagle Puppies Visit the Vet!!

Our little beagle puppies from Jolly had their very 1st visit to see the vet today!  I am pleased to tell you they ALL passed thier check-ups with flying colors!  I have never seen a more energetic bunch at the vets office.  All these little beagles were very brave and wagged their little tails at our vet.  I think they thought it was an extra opportunity to get some More luvvings and pettins.  The trip completely wore them out,  I didn’t hear a single peep on the way home.  They all traveled very quietly and some even fell asleep.  I have never seen a more quiet little bunch!  Generally we hear loud PUPPY crying all the way home.  The best thing about  the trip  is “NOBODY got carsick”.   Hopefully, that trait will continue when they are picked up to go HOME with you!

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