Kansas Beagle Puppies are Totally Weaned!!

I am so proud of our little beagle puppies from Jolly Girl!  They have successfully been spending 24 hours per day completely away from mama.  They are discovering the joys of being in the weaning area. Several of them are  trying out the new chew toys.   They are busy discovering the joys of eating from their own feed box, instead of sharing with mama!  And they love to jump and tackle each other.

Mama Jolly is learning to enjoy the adult world of her friends again.  She does whine occasionally and let me know she misses her babies.  But, for the most part she  is busy with her 2 Italian Greyhound freinds:  Tiggertails and BriteLite.   They look  at her rather quizzically and wonder why she doesn’t jump as high as they do!!   You know  those short little beagle legs can’t lift you up too far!

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