Kansas Italian Greyhound Begs for Belly Rub!!

Our little Italian Greyhound puppies are getting cuter every day!!  I just got back from our Thanksgiving Travels to Coldwater Kansas.  My goodness, these little babies change so much,  in just 2 days.  Little McKenzie from Faith’s litter rolls over on her back to beg for belly rubs now!  It was just so adorable.  Makes me wonder if our doggie sitter had been giving her belly rubs while I was gone.  I love our doggie sitter, she takes such good care of our doggie family!  Lucy’s little Italian Greyhound babies are getting into playtime quite seriously now!  I saw a couple of puppies tackling each other.  It is just darling to watch them at this stage.   Peace, one of our Italian Greyhound mamas, was in an ornery mood when I arrived!  She took full advantage of me loving and petting all her babies.  She jumped out of her whelping box and took a romp down our kennel hall way.  She stirred all the dogs up!  They know she is not allowed to romp up and down the hall way!  Little Brite Lite, in particular, gave her a good scolding with several loud barks.  It is amazing how All the Dogs get used to the rules of doggie living around here.  When a dog breaks one of my rules, they all loudly bark to tell me about it!  Just like tattling children!

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