Kansas Beagle Puppies Visit Daddy Dog!!

Our dear little beagle puppies from Jolly took a special visit today!  They were introduced to their daddy, Lemonade.  He was very happy to see them and sniffed them cautiously.  He doesn’t have a clue where these beagle puppies came from!  He thinks they definitely belong to mama Jolly.  Funny how  daddy’s are so eager to make babies, but not quite so eager to clean up after their babies!  He leaves that job to me!  Even Jolly gets off scott free, after we wean these puppies.  They are both enjoying the fun of adulthood without the responsibilies of parenthood!   Imagine that folks!  Everybody admiring your babies with no clean up duties!  That is what I call maid service.  I could use that with my 3 year old son when he plays in the sandbox and packs his pockets with sand!  Oh, the joys of parenthood!

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