Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies begin Weaning Stage!

Our little Italian Greyhound puppies are growing up on me!  Lucy Girl has already starting to wean her puppies.  She is now choosing to leave her Iggys for short periods of time and sleep outside her whelping box.  Her babies are really content and have started nibbling on puppy food and freely drinking her water now.

I have started placing Lucy’s babies and Peace’s babies in our weaning area for about 30 minutes each morning.  I fix them up a special plate of puppy chow with water poured over it.  All the babies seem to enjoying this special treat.  And it prepares them for leaving mama by getting them used to rooming in the weaning area.  I do a slow weaning process here and gradually transfer them over.  We do the 30 minutes each day and then the next step is 1/2 day without mama.  But, it will be a while before we make it to the next milestone.

3 litters of Iggy puppies have graduated to Kindergarten for puppies!  Peaces, Faith’s and Lucy’s have all recieved a special area to potty inside their rooms with mama.  I took out thier carpeted quarters and replaced it with a smaller piece of carpet.  The other side is full of shredded paper!  So we have a bedroom on one side and a big bathroom on the other side.  The Iggys have adapted very well.  I saw more then 1 pottying in the special bathroom!  Iggy puppies are so very bright!  They catch on a little faster than my beagle puppies!

Hopes’s litter of Iggys are getting fatter every day!  But, I think they still need a little more time till we graduate them to Puppy Kindergarten!

Peaces’s litter of Iggys are the freindliest bunch of puppies.  They all huddle by my hand trying to get a special love session with their human mama.  Faith’s litter of Iggys are really into belly rubs.  Little McKenzie and Vicky both rolled over for tummy time tonight!  I love giving those belly rubs.



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