Kansas Beagle Puppy Plays with Toddler!!

Our little beagle puppy:  Tiny Tim,  enjoyed a very special day today!  He and his dear mama, Jolly, were taken to our local bank today.  One of the tellers desired to see our beautiful Tiny Tim!  Several of the people in the bank thought he was darling cute!  Then we all took a drive to a very special friend with 2 children to hug and play with Tiny Tim!  He was one HOT beagle puppy!  He was tenderly loved and petted by a 14 month old little boy and his sister 3 years of age.  In fact, they almost got into a disagreement about whose turn it was to hold him.  Tiny Tim was not the least bit daunted by all the attention.  You know beagle puppies, they were made for children!   Needless to say, we had one Tired beagle puppy laying next to mama, Jolly, on the way home.  Tiny Tim has Plenty to talk about to his little roommates:  Bella and Rudolph!

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