Kansas Beagle is Frusterated!!

Our newest member of our beagle family, Lil Scoutie, is very frusterated with me!  I took away his ever loving girlfriend, Sheryl!  Lil Scoutie barks at me every time he sees me and reminds me how terrible I am to break up such a nice romance.  His girlfriend Sheryl is getting quite large with puppies.  I don’t want to have any mistakes made with babies and mamas.  So I placed Sheryl in a separate bedroom all to herself to prepare for her babies.  She told me she did not approve of this new living arrangement!  She promptly tore up several newspapers I had placed in her bed.  So far, she has decided to let the carpet remain on the floor.  Who knows what she may decide to do tomorrow to arrange this area to her approval?  I placed a heat lamp and she is laying on a heated mat.  Just in case I may have miscalculated her due date for new babies.   Sheryl definitely approves of the heated bed!!  I have seen her enjoying its warmth several times!  Meanwhile Lil Scoutie is rather disgusted that he can’t be a part of the new quarters!  The only time Lil Scoutie gets to see Sheryl is when she goes outside to play.  Scoutie is overjoyed to see her outside!  I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but Sheryl is going to be very busy raising babies!  And Lil Scoutie will just have to wait a while for his old playmate to return.  Meanwhile, I have been giving Scoutie some extra love and attention.

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