Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies Enjoy Playtime!

Tonight when I went to check  on our Italian Greyhound babies, they were all having a last minute romp before bedtime!  All the mama Iggys seem to approve of this behavior!  Perhaps the line of thinking is they sleep better at night!  I am sure Mama Iggys know best!

Little Hoppy Hopes babies were trying to jump and climb out of their whelping area!  In fact, I think I heard a little bark from one of her puppies.   Several puppies were playfully biting each other and trying to tackle each other.

Little Faiths puppies were getting into belly rubs again!  Sienna Girl was the 1st one to stretch out for a belly rub from me.  McKenzie was following close behind, she never misses a belly rub session.  It is so darling cute to watch!

Little Lucys puppies were wound up tight tonight!  Little Georgia was jumping and tackling Pippa Girl.  I don’t think any of them stood around for a single second!  They take playtime to whole new level!

Peaces puppies were peeking over the whelping box, trying to get the very first pettin and love session from me!  I believe Rosa was successful enough to get the very 1st pettings tonight!  Little Zach was quick to demand his fair share of luvvings for the evening.  Mama Peace is very content and patiently waits till it is her turn for a last minute pet.

Nothing like watching little Italian Greyhound puppies play just before bedtime!  I am sure they will be OUT like light bulbs in another hour or so!

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