Kansas Beagle Girls getting Plump!!

My 2 beagle girls:  Emmy and Viola, are starting to show their pregnancies!  I am getting excited!  We will soon be having 2 more litters of beagle puppies.  Lemonade is the proud daddy of both of these upcoming litters.  He loves playing with Emmy and Viola both!  All 3 of them share the same bedroom and running area outside.  They seem quite happy to be together!  You know beagles, they always love having a buddy to play with.  I do think Lemonade rules the roost, though!  He is the very 1st one who gets to eat after I feed them each morning.  Viola and Emmy are really patient with him and don’t seem to mind at all, to wait their turns.  Maybe they chalk it up to his immaturity!  He is a year or so younger than them.  They likely remember him coming here as a puppy and having to be taught how to open the doggie door to run outside to play each day.  I remember when we 1st purchased Lemonade as a puppy and he lived in the house with his people family for a couple of months.  I would take him with me to visit the other dogs each morning.  He loved visiting with all the other beagles, but it took him a little while, before I completely trusted in his abilities to operate the doggie door.  I don’t take any chances here in the winter time with my puppies.  So he had to live in the house with my little toddler son.  He really seemed to like my indoor slide for toddlers!  He would walk up the slide, chasing my son and then slide back down.  It was hilarious to watch!  I still love my Lemonade Boy:  he has grown up to be a FINE adult beagle dog!

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