Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies Ready for Vet Check-Up!!

Our 2 litters of Italian Greyhound puppies from Lucy and Peace will be going to the vet tomorrow!  Our vet does a very thorough check up on each puppy before they are allowed to relocate to their new homes.  She will be checking every detail from skin and coat to tails and heartbeats!  I don’t think she misses a single thing.  It will be interesting to see how they tolerate their 1st car ride.  It is nearly a 25 minute trip to the vet!  We will see if they have stout tummies and do well.  One trip, I held a puppy in my lap and it completely unloaded all the contents of it’s tummy in my lap.  I will never forget that trip!  It was so aweful!  Most times, the puppies ride really well and nobody gets sick!   Some litters are very quiet and some cry nearly all the way to the vet!  We shall see how brave our Iggys are tomorrow!  They tend to be rather shy at the vets office!  How is it that they know, it is the doctor’s office when they have never been before?  I used to wonder how dogs know, this is not a trip of pleasure! It amazes me that they seem to have a 6th sense about them.

Beagle puppies on the other hand, are downright ridiculous!  They seem not to have a clue about the vet’s office.  They come right out and expect the vet to pet and love on them.  I almost laugh at them sometimes!  Italian Greyhounds are definitely the “Smarter Breed”!

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