Kansas Beagle Riding to Wichita Tomorrow!

Our little Sparky, beagle puppy from Jolly, is taking a trip to Wichita, tomorrow!  We are going to celebrate Christmas in Wichita this weekend!  Sparky is taking the trip with us, because his new owner lives in Wichita.  It should prove to be quite a journey for our little Beagle boy!  The longest trip he has taken was a 20 mile trip to the veternarian.  But, lucky for him, he will have our 3 year old son, Zane,  in the back seat to entertain him should he get bored on the long car ride.  Plus he will have plenty of laps to sit on if he chooses to go to sleep.  Zane loves to volunteer to hold puppies!

I bet the rest of our puppies will be a little jealoss that they don’t get to go on a car ride with us!  However, they will have a wonderful dog sitter that really dotes on our puppies!

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