Kansas Italian Greyhounds Take a Car Ride!

Our little Itailian Greyhounds from Lucy and Faith took their 1st car ride today!  I am proud to say that most of them were brave little Iggys and behaved quite nicely in the car!  My little boy, Zane who is 3 years old, kept them well entertained on their car ride.  He insisted on bringing his pretend gun on the car ride!  You would be shocked!  I allow him to play with 1/2 of a yard stick that is broken off.  He claims it as his gun and he preformed amazing feats the whole 20 miles to the vet!  I believe he shot 6 deer, 5 possoms, and several skunks along the way.  All pretend of course!!!  He sat between both litters of pups and poked his fingers through the pet carrier several times to comfort them if they cried any.  He does care about his puppies!  Of course, he is concerned when we have buyers take some of his puppies home!  We have several discussions about that.

All the puppies were very kind to the vet!  Nobody pottied on her examining table!  I think she was impressed with the Fine looking colors that we seem to be having in Iggy puppies!  She declared every one of them to be healthy puppies!  For this I am grateful!  We had only a very few minor things to fix and I am pleased!

All of Lucy’s little Italian Greyhounds have very stout tummies!  They took the car ride very well, even after eating breakfast.  Faiths little Iggys had one or two upchucks!  So apparently they have a little motion sickness!  So be prepared when you take her puppies home with you.

Here at our farm, Lucy’s litter and Peaces’s litter of Iggys are completely weaned from Mama now!  I am so proud of them.  They are eating really well now!  Both Lucy and Peace have returned to all their adult Iggy friends and are quite happy to be romping and playing with no puppies to feed!

Hoppy’s little puppies and Faiths little puppies are still in the process!  I suspect Faith’s will be weaned next week sometime.  Hoppy Hopes puppies may take a little longer to complete the weaning journey!



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