Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies Have a Check-Up!!

Our little Italian Greyhounds from Peace and Hoppy Hope went to the vet today!  These little Iggy puppies felt the blast of winter as we carried them to our car.  We have 2 inches of snow on the ground and they have never left their warm 72 Degree kennel building before.  Thank goodness, we have a very nice heater in our car!  We took the trip quite slow and arrived safely at the vets’ office.  Our  vet was very surprised to see the 2 white Iggy puppies from Hoppy Hope’s litter.  She had never seen Italian Greyhounds with so much white before.  All of our babies passed the very thorough check up with flying colors!!  What a healthy bunch of Iggys we have.  Every puppy was very polite:  no a single potty on the examining table!  I think everyone was well entertained by my 3 year old son, Zane.  His reward for taking all his puppies to the vet is a BIG animal cracker snack from our wonderful veternarian.  She and her hubby really dote on the kids!

All our puppies returned home with not a single upset tummy!  Great NEws!  You never know, sometimes we do experience car sickness in little puppies!  In time’s past, I  remember one vet visit, in which an Iggy unloaded his complete breakfast in my lap on the way home!  Believe me, that is one experience I will never forget!

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  • David and Brenda

    Merry Christmas Rosa

  • Merry Christmas to ALL future Italian Greyhound Homes! Our little Italian Greyhound Puppies are spending a quiet day in heated 72 degree comfort! No getting out in the cold, windy, snow decorated outdoors! Our mamas fully agree on this philosophy with their babies! All adult Italian Greyhounds venture outside for only “business porposes”! Unlike their beagle friends who seem to hardly notice the cold! Beagles want to be outside, on matter what the weather!

  • David and Brenda

    We can’t wait to see you Rosa – you look bigger in this picture than the last.