Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies Exploring!

Our little Italian Greyhound Puppies are making some FUN discoveries in our kennel building!  Their favorite time of day is Playtime!  We let them leave their special weaning area and run and romp the entire kennel floor area!  They just love it!  Although they love to find interesting things to entertain them.  Tonight my little Iggys tried pulling off the tags off the feeding boxes.  Then Rosa, my little Italian Greyhound puppy from Peace, and her litter mates discovered the big bags of dog food!  They smelled so wonderful!  So Rosa and her Iggy friends tried to bite the sacks open to sample some!  I quickly put an end to this new game!  They have plenty of dog food to eat in their special bedrooms in the weaning area.  Reminds me of my 3 year old son who likes to go to the kitchen and help himself when I am not looking!  Tonight my little Boy ate half of the cheese, I had planned on putting in the supper tonight!  He was very proud of himself!  Cheese is good he said!  Little Iggys cannot believe that I would NOT let them help themselves to puppy food, instead of waiting till I feed them in their doggie bedrooms.  Yes, the Love of Food brings out  Hilarious Behavior  in Puppies and Children Alike!!

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  • David and Brenda

    It sounds like you have your hands full. Rosa will have fun with our dogs. It sounds like Rosa is a lot like our Iggy kiwi. We are counting the days until we get Rosa. Thank you for all your help with Rosa.