Kansas Beagle Girls Getting Rounder!!

Our 2 beagle girls:  Emmy and Viola are getting larger!  Those little Tummies are pouching big time!!  Both of them waddle when they walk.  These little beagle mamas swell up huge when they are full of babies!  Little Viola is starting to wobble when she goes out t he doggie door!  She is due on Jan 8th!  But every morning I wake up and hurry to go and see if she might be a little earlier than I thought!  She looks like a Beagle with a Watermellon growing inside her tummy!  She is very calmly waiting in her heated bed for her family to arrive!  Although sometimes, she does rearrange things a bit, to suit her taste in her birthing suite!  You know those beagles, Everything has to be “Perfect”  in the baby Room!!

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