Kansas Beagle Puppies Moving Fast!!

More and More people from Kansas are calling for my little beagle puppies!  I am hoping our beagle babies from Viola and Emmy will be here soon!  Viola looks like she could drop a puppy every time she waddles out the doggie door to go play outside!  I keep thinking she may go early!   Emmy Girl was looking so HUGE that I got concerned and put her in the whelping bedroom, today.  Emmy definitely approves of her new carpeted  quarters with a heat pad underneath!  She was all stretched out to take a nap when I checked on her this afternoon.     Already we have 3 GIRL Beagle puppies spoken for.  Beagle puppies must be in short supply from the amount of phone calls I have been recieving for one.  I very quickly let people know they must lay $100 deposit down to ENSURE that they will get one of my precious beagle babies!  I hope nobody misses their chance on Obtaining a beagle puppy from me, BEFORE we are sold out!  I never know how fast puppies will move once they are born!

2 comments to Kansas Beagle Puppies Moving Fast!!

  • chrisandcammy

    Thanks so much for all of your help with the whole process of owning our beagle puppy. Bella is such a sweet puppy with a very nice disposition. She has transitioned to our family well. We have had several people ask us where we got her and we were more than glad to tell them about you and your puppies. We may have a lady that is interested specifically in a beagle and we will give her your website. We will keep you in mind in the future as well. Thanks for always answering all my questions. Will send you some pictures via email. Thanks for everything. Chris and Cammy

  • Thanks for putting in some Good Words about our Lovely Beagles around here!! I can tell your beagle puppy is well loved with children! Beagles were made for children to love!