Kansas Beagles Enjoy Playtime!

My 2 adult beagles Lemonade and Jolly are really getting into playtime!  Jolly is my smallest beagle and she is one TINY girl.  Lemonade is my boy and he is around 25 pound.  Little Jolly is trying to get Lemonade to see the light that she RULES in their inside quarters!  Today she tried to jump on top of him!  I think Lemonade just enjoys her attention!    When  they eat, she insists on being 1st to the platter.  Lemonade is one sweet fellow, he doesn’t mind sharing the limelight with a good looking girl like Jolly!  As long as she hangs out with him and plays his games, Lemonade is a happy camper!  You know beagles:  Companionship goes a long Ways!

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