Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies Discover Shoes!

Our little Italian Greyhound puppies discovered shoes tonight!  I had my sandels laying on  the kennel floor and little McKenzie from Peaces Litter grabbed my shoes and made a run for it.  She LOVED dragging my shoes across the floor!  It was hilarious to watch, my shoe was nearly as Big as Little McKenzie!  Next thing my Italian Greyhound puppies discovered was my newspaper stash.  These silly little Iggys grabbed the newspaper and started running.  I think they secretly know they are not supposed to take newspapers from my area.  Then they “Shared with Tiggertails and Hoppy Hope.  So my 3 grown Iggys got in on the fun of “Snagging”  mama’s newspapers!  Iggy puppies never fail for the Creativity in being able to find Fun!  So get ready New Iggy parents for some amazing FUN at your house!

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