Italian Greyhound Puppy Leaving for Missouri Sunday!

Our little Italian Greyhound puppy, Boston, will be leaving for Missouri tomorrow!  Little Boston will be doted and petted on the way home,  that I am sure of!  His new owner was supposed to come later next week!  But, she was so excited about this little Iggy that she made arrangements to pick up little Boston on Sunday!  I am sure that the rest of Boston’s family will be missing him!  But, they will soon be going to their new homes also!  Oh, the fun they will have!  I hope they will settle down and decide to be good little puppies!  I know this little bunch can be quite ornery at times!  Today, our Cleo Boy, took great joy at playtime by teasing all the other adult Italian Greyhounds.  He would come  just as close to thier inside bedroom as possible!  Then he would jump back with delight and bounce up and down.  The older Italian Greyhounds were certainly frusterated that they could not give him what for!  I am quite sure Cleo’s mama, Hoppy, was quite embarrassed about his forward behavior!  No respect for his elders around here!  Hopefully Cleo will learn better manners soon and learn to respect his elders by not teasing so much!  I am just not certain about that!  Italian Greyhound puppies just love to tease and dance!  I am not sure you can take the tease and bounce away from them.

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