New Kansas Beagle PUppies Born Tonight!

Our little Viola Girl is giving birth tonight to new beagle babies!  I checked her just a few minutes ago and so far we have 6 puppies!  More beagle puppies are coming!  I don’t think she is through yet!  She is still bulging with more puppies!  So we shall see how many more will come!  So far:  we have 3 tricolors and 3 Reds and Whites!  If I was correct in counting:  we have 3 girls and 3 boys this far.  Who only knows how many we will have total!  I once owned a beagle who laid 10 puppies.  This was Viola Girl’s mama:  her name was Taylor!  We have since retired Taylor and she is living as a pet in Oregon!   I never know about these beagle girls!  They swell up so big with puppies that you honestly wonder how they can hold them all inside!  My Italian Greyhounds on the other hand, don’t swell up much at all!  They can completely fool me sometimes about whether they are pregnant or not!  I once had the dog inspector into my kennel and I was discussing with her which Italian Greyhound girls were pregnant!  She just shook her head,  she certainly couldn’t tell!  Beagles on the other hand,  can’t hide those pregno tummies from anyone!

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