Kansas Beagle Puppies doing Well!

Our little Viola Girl is happily nursing her NEW beagle puppies this evening!  6 puppies are all she produced for us!  I was surprised considering how big her tummy had blossomed!  But believe me, 6 little hungry puppies will be enough to keep Viola busy for quite a while!  At least she won’t have to put up with toddlers for a little while!  Sleeping babies are a little easier to manage, than exploring toddlers who are learning their boundries!  Beagle puppies at this age just roll around and and sleep.  They don’t begin walking to nearly 3 weeks of age!  Then it is a slow progression from standing to walking.  So Viola ended up with 3 boys and 3 girls.  The girls are already spoken for, but we still have 3 darling little boys looking for new homes!  I will be posting pictures of these little darlings on Monday!  So look for the cuties on Monday!

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